Our  strength and conditioning classes are designed to improve every individual who walks through the doors with one specific intent in mind; to make your life better. Whatever it is you do for sport, exercise, or fun, my intention is to train you in a way to function at a higher rate. Because we host our classes out of a dojo, I implement a lot of martial art philosophy into the class structure. Each class is designed to progress everyone who participates at a real, and genuine pace. I have broken down each class to teach you new tools, new perspectives and how to use them. We utilize a prescribed format in order to give each participant time to practice the new drills and to understand the changes. As the days go by and the class evolves, everyone will experience the changes happening to them in real time. This is a non-stop learning class which exercises more than just your body. In fact the more you come and the more you practice the more you will advance to more specialized skills which will                                                         enhance your performance, strength, body balance, and movement.

Our class schedule is:

Mon-Wed-Fri from 8-9am, and 9-10am

Cost: per month

New Students $60

*any additional household members $30