About One Nature Training

Over the last couple of years I have been unifying training programs with martial art principles which are intended to deliver the result everyone is looking for concerning their fitness goals while still delivering the necessary skill for self-defense and spiritual progress.

In my experience working with clients over the last 15 years, I have learned there is no such thing as physical fitness without the mental or spiritual aspects.  Because everyone gets hurt and has set backs, the sincere discipline to truly achieve a lifelong change without incorporating the mind body relationship makes the effort put in fruitless in the long run toward any real goal. Even in the martial art community there are thousands of Black Belts whom we may sometimes call “masters” that lack the much needed spirit and mental fortitude we have all come to expect. This is not necessarily bad, or wrong, it is just an unfortunate consequence to the path taken as to why one involves their selves into training in the first place. This too has been my personal journey in training and from much failure I say to everyone, follow the path of the universal laws in your training and come to know what I have learned, ALL training-strength & conditioning, martial arts, painting, carpentry, cooking, yoga, ballet, when you put your spirit into this training, it becomes your personalized manifested expression of the center of the circle…so, what does your center look like?

Just as the real masters of the martial arts, great lovers of wisdom, and extraordinary prophets have said, “we are after the root and not the branches”.

One Nature Training is about making training a way of life, both externally-physically, and spiritually-internally. Yes, all forms of training are expressions of strengthening the physical body, and to do this it takes constant and disciplined work. However, when one connects training to every moment of every day and elevates the spirit to this understanding anyone can accomplish much more! When we give rather than receive it is more rewarding to the soul, when we help someone grow we are helping our selves grow, when we compete against someone else in order to win we both lose. When training is balanced with all of life it is never just for an hour, but rather for our entire existence.

When training my clients I am always trying to encourage them to do more work to build and harness energy, not the kind of work which depletes all your energy. The programs we train are designed scientifically to harness all potential with simple and extremely effective exercises, and when put together and used in everyday life as a whole, the change made is unparalleled.

Have more fun with training; don’t train to win anything unless what is defined as winning is the enlightening of your spirit. When training the body, come to know we are in fact training the brain and the electrical and magnetic forces which make up all of reality. Building health has never been one dimensional, so don’t let training become this way either. Be patient and constant, let the energy pass through the body and don’t be tense about it, focus the mind on the task at hand and increase focus from within and see the strength, balance, coordination and endurance improve tenfold.

On this site you will hear from our family of teachers, trainers, and clients to better understand the root of all movement, unlocking your potential and re-invigorating what we all imagined we can become. In its heart, One Nature is truly about giving back and taking care of those in need, and to make sure everyone who cannot get access to a healthier way of living now can. The more clients who work with us, the more classes we can run, and the more seminars we can host enables One Nature to go out to group homes, underprivileged youth programs in sports, various foundation programs for veterans and people with mental disabilities and teach them new and real skills in order to function and live healthier lives on our dime. Now you can see that your energy towards your training efforts can truly make a difference in both your life and someone else’s!

Sincerely, Jason Simanson P.E.S, WCS Instructor, BJJ Purple Belt, AIkido Purple Belt