The Way of One Nature

Performance Enhancement, Martial Arts, Yoga & Meditation. "Making Training a Way of Living"

Performance Enhancement Training 

A natural approach to Training both the physical and cognitive into one, maximizing the potential of the human body and skills for healthier, and more balanced athletic endevors, general fitness and an overall sence of well being.

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Martial Arts

Day after day, training your heart out, refinning your technique, this is the discipline of the warrior.”-O Sensei. Martial Arts Training is a path towards discovery of the inner virtues and observing their manifestations into the world. Your techniques are more than physical, they are the way we interact with the world around us. 

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are the practice and training of unifying the duality of reality into a self realized oneness with All. I place a value in the principles of all systems towards peace, harmony and enlightening the true path towards wholeness; from Kriya sets, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aiki Taiso, and Vinyasa; All are used and infused into several coordinated flows to open internal channels, sacred centers, and the Watchers Mind. 

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About One Nature Training

The  Way of One Nature is “making training a way of life”, both externally-physically, and spiritually-internally. Yes, all forms of training are expressions of strengthening the physical body, and to do this it takes constant and disciplined work. However, when one connects training to their conciouss intent and understanding, the accomplishments are much more! When we help someone grow we are helping our selves grow, when we compete against someone else in order to win we both lose. When training is balanced with all aspects of life, it transends the idea of work. 

The Way of One Nature Training is a systematic approach built from the years of training and education from Neuro Science, Sports Performance, Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Systema, Kyusho, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Dao Yin.

One Nature is a philosophical approach towards “union” of ancient philosophies and modern science. A universal approach to fit the needs of anyone who wants to learn new skills, harmonize imbalaces, build a healthy mind and body relationship, enhance strength, power and fitness levels, and improve performance in sports and in life. 

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Group Classes Private Lessons Seminars

This is the beginning of the Path to One Nature. Every Class is built around ancient training principles from the rich and vast philosophies of Martial Arts and Modern Science to establish well rounded and result driven training programs. Designed and scaled to make sure every pratitioner is developing new skills, learning new techniques to grow their mind and body relationship, and  enhance their performance efforsts. Every student will learn how to develop and use Mind-Set Training, Meditation, Recovery, Relaxation and Breathing Techniques as skills along with the development of real strength, power, and balance in motion to compliment their everyday needs, athletics, and sports training. 

Martial Arts Training

Such virtues as patience, humility, and self discipline are the result of a true martial arts practice. Great health, strength, and vitality are the intent of most martial arts training. Put together we have the great legends of the ancient worlds we have all come to admire and emulate. This is why training in the arts is such a saught after endevor. Start your training today, or compliment your existing training and knowledge base, and learn the principles behind the techniques and the ways in which to apply them in todays modern world. Learn the method of Master Dk Yoo’s WCS in Arizona WCS Class; the rich and dynamic ways of “Aiki” in Sensei Graham’s NPM Aikido Class, and take lessons in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, QiGong Tai Chi and Dao Yin. 

One Nature Yoga

Brand New to One Nature is our Yoga Class. This class is the blend or union of the roots and ways of harmonizing energies, becoming One through a flow with traditional Yoga Postures, QiGong, Aiki Taiso’s, Dao Yin movements and HoHup Breathing Yoga. All are meant to do one thing, use the physical body to awaken and open the channels, centers, and inner being within All. 

Performance Enhancement

If you play sports or participate in martial arts competitions, or looking to develop your exercise efforts to reach higher levels of performance this class will help you get there and keep you there. This program is the result of merging martial arts principles and modern sports science advancements into one training platform. 

Self Defense Training

Self Defense is a big deal in many ways. Not all of it needs the forms and practice of your more traditional martial arts. I have developed a practical program to allow anyone to practice self defense techniques and ideas, while improving strength and conditioning at the same time.

Meditation and Mind Set Training

This portion of our training is essential. Understanding Meditation techniques and their values are paramount to healthy mind-body relationship. Building and practicing mind sets is a fundamental pillar to enhancing training, performance, and life.

The Only Certified WCS Training Training Center in Arizona! 

Warefare Combat Systems is a martialart/combat system developed by Master DK Yoo out of South Korea. Master Yoo has developed a systematic approach to training skills based on several martial art philosophy and modern physiological and neurological science. 

From Meditation techniques and practice, to rooting and harnessing real and unlimited energy in order to develop real speed, power, and overall quality of health for any martial artist. Master Yoo has developed a truley universal and applicable system that anyone can do! 

Arizona WCS is the only certified program in the state for now, I have had the pleasure of persoanlly training with Master Yoo, with a vass amount of personal instruction to insure I am teaching and representing WCS appropriatly and honestly.  

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