The Way of One Nature is a path, or method of practice, which is built around the pillars of Martial Arts, Yoga and Meditation. The Way of One Nature is a way to learn how to develop a personal practice both internal development and external techniques from multiple instructors teaching multiple arts.

“There are many paths to the top of Mt. Fuji, but there is only one summit.” Morehei Ueshiba

Online Martial Arts School

  • Bring mind, body and spirit together with authentic martial arts training.
  • Learn the internal practices from the arts in order to develop a strong spirit.
  • Study multiple arts from multiple instructors at your pace.
  • Prerecorded course study from beginner to advanced.

Online Yoga School

  • Traditional Yoga practices to open, heal, and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.
  • Advanced practice with Aiki principles in our online yoga studio.
  • Trauma Informed, Veteran Practiced yoga for pain and therapy.
  • Learn Pantajali’s Eight Fold Path, and study T.K.V Desikachar’s philosophy on developing a personal practice.
  • Prerecorded course material and sequences to practice.

Meditation Practices

  • Study internal practices, self cultivation, and centering practices.
  • Practice merging Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Body as One.
  • Study daoist philosophy and training on the dan tien.
  • Practice combat meditation from our WCS program.
  • Spirituality practices to boost your mental health. 

Practice Traditional Principles
With Practical Applications from Direct Experience

  • Practice authentic, traditional, and experience based arts from multiple instructors.
  • Follow along with our designed courses to keep your training balanced and progressive.
  • Learn to master the fundamentals that make the arts what they are.
  • Study from experience based practices and techniques that will help you on your path.
  • Practice at a pace that works for you, and learn collectively the similarities in the arts.
  • Learn the combat philosophy from our WCS program.

Regularly Scheduled Free Classes

Study Meditation Practices and Philosophy

  • Free classes weekly to anyone who wants to practice and learn from us.
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations and readings.
  • Live meditation classes open to anyone who wants to know more about the way to Self Mastery.
  • From combat meditation to yoga therapy techniques to elevate and center your being. 
  • With over 20 years of collective experience in training in the arts, learn the truth about what works, what is applicable and can elevate your training.

Start Your Practice Towards Union Today

  • Study the internal and external practices of Aikido, Taijiquan, Shotokan Karate, and Yoga from multiple instructors and their direct experience from their personal practices.
  • Master the foundational principles, weapons kata, advanced drills, partner drills, and Asana, from multiple perspectives in order to bridge the gap from “different” to “one.”
  • Learn the arts of the peaceful warrior for a modern world.